Thursday, October 29, 2015



Today I want share about my eye story.... so I'm permanently specky..... my vision very poor without glasses. My prescription increase about last year up to L - 4.00 R- 4.00. its was so rapid...... long time I tried to survive and maintain the prescription but last year it happen last when I check my eye the optician said my prescription increase because I'm not wearing glasses when I need and I always push my eye to seeing everything. What can I say.... I have no choice and I had to wear glasses. I try to wear contact lens but its only for a while around 4 hour per/day because my eyes dry.

So now i change my life to be a specky man. Too difficult when I put my glasses, I can't see far away, everything is blur. I can't read the sign board when I driving. I need glasses every time and I just put when I sleep. I believe the prescription can be increase every years if I not care my eyes very well.

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